1. Company History

Established in Daegu City in 1982 by HangKyu Kim,
Business started from marble print on the polyester fabrics.
Existing Shinil Factory have been re-built for Dyeing and Printing process on the ground of 16,500sm in 1987.
Shinil ind.,ltd Currently holds 3 subsidiary company in korea 1st subsidiary company Wonil ind.,ltd established for Weaving and Knitting nearby Shinil in 1991.
2nd subsidiary company Shinil Seoul Office opened for Textile international trading in 1992.
3rd subsidiary company JungWoo company established for operating Highway rest-service area in 1995.


2. Summary of company

number of works
main facilities(machines)
production capability( monthly)

Shinil ind.,ltd

3-tentering m/c, 11-dyeing tube, 2-auto packing m/c,
2-printing m/c, 6-inspection m/c. continuance wash m/c.
2,000,000 yards of dyeing process

600,000 yards of printing process

Wonil ind.,ltd

66 weaving machines, 84-contracted weaving m/c.
20 circular knitting m/c, 15-contracted knitting m/c
1,500,000 yards of Woven fabric

600,000 yards of Knitted fabric

Jungwoo company


Hyunpoong Highway rest service area (Up line)
Hyunpoong Highway rest service area (Down line)
Service business
Shinil Seoul

Office for sales of Shinil/Wonil products Order management


3. Major Business

-100% polyester woven fabric 44/45" weaving/dying/printing
-100% polyester woven fabric 58/60" weaving/dying/printing
-100% polyester knitted fabric 58/60" knitting/dying/printing
-100% polyester knitted fabric 44/50" knitting/dying/printing
-97% polyester,3% span mixed woven & knitted fabric
-polyester / rayon mixed woven/knitted fabric
-polyester / cationic mixed woven/knitted fabric
-polyester micro woven/knitted fabric -polyester / nylon mixed woven/knitted fabric
-Dope dyed woven / knitted fabric
-All kinds of processed item on the above mentioned fabric-ground.